Susan adopted Loki as a puppy, and was immediately faced with two life-saving surgeries. He was born with PRAA, causing megaesophagus, which makes it extremely difficult for the pup to eat and swallow. At 12 weeks old, he had surgery to correct this and survived like a trooper. At a year and a half, Loki had a terrible case of bloat, and his devoted owner stepped up again to cover his medical care. Susan lives on a fixed income and is single, so these expensive emergencies were incredible hurdles, but she remained steadfast in her love and care for beautiful Loki.

Recently, at three years old, Loki began struggling, unable to correctly walk with his back legs. Another $2,500 for an MRI and veterinary consult and Loki has been diagnosed with a spinal arachnoid cyst, which needs to be removed. His veterinarian, Dr. Jeff Clarke at VRCC in Manakin-Sabot, VA is estimating Loki’s medical expenses at over $5,000, which is beyond Susan’s ability, although she has been able to fundraise part of the money from family and friends.

She reached out to Veterinary Care Foundation through our Good Samaritan Fund program page and VCF has been in contact with VRCC to let them know our intention to cover the remaining portion of the surgery with funds donated through our Good Samaritan program.

Please consider a gift to our Good Samaritan Fund and and let’s get Loki back up on his feet.