There's a Good Samaritan inside every one of us.

The VCF Good Samaritan Fund may be able to help.

ARF! Cancer sucks! Auggie’s Story…

"My owner said she was about to be homeless, what does that mean? Do you know why I'm here?" "You have a nice yard! Your grass is awesome!" "I could get used to this. You're a nice guy, Ricky!""Hi! I'm Auggie!" Auggie is a young Bull Mastiff who was surrendered to a...

Urgent Need: Lily

Lily is an en energetic and sweet 18 month old Golden Labradoodle who developed a severe case of mastitis after giving birth to an unplanned litter of puppies. Her human, Drew, is a young man between jobs and although he was quick to get Lily to the vet for her...


Loki is just 3 years old and a spinal arachnoid cyst has now made walking painful and impossible for this beautiful boy. Help us raise $5,000 to put Loki back on his feet!

Cali faces emergency surgery

A life-threatening bacterial infection forced Brittany to rush her much loved Cali dog to Titan Veterinary in Warwick, RI for emergency surgery, at great expense.

Although we all love our pets, sometimes providing for their emergency care is out of reach.

The Veterinary Care Foundation’s mission is to help veterinary practices fund their discounted and no-charge cases. And although we’ve helped thousands of pets through our members’ work and their practice funds, we know there are even more pets out there that need help and may not be current clients of one of our VCF members.
The Good Samaritan Fund (GSF) is used to help pets in need, as determined by our Veterinary Care Foundation Advisory Board. Considered on a case by case basis, the GSF chooses a recipient and connects them with a veterinary practice in their area, then works with the practice to cover the costs of the services, and potentially the medications and follow up treatments.