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ARF! Cancer sucks! Auggie’s Story…

"My owner said she was about to be homeless, what does that mean? Do you know why I'm here?" "You have a nice yard! Your grass is awesome!" "I could get used to this. You're a nice guy, Ricky!""Hi! I'm Auggie!" Auggie is a young Bull Mastiff who was surrendered to a...

Urgent Need: Lily

Lily is an en energetic and sweet 18 month old Golden Labradoodle who developed a severe case of mastitis after giving birth to an unplanned litter of puppies. Her human, Drew, is a young man between jobs and although he was quick to get Lily to the vet for her...


Loki is just 3 years old and a spinal arachnoid cyst has now made walking painful and impossible for this beautiful boy. Help us raise $5,000 to put Loki back on his feet!

Cali faces emergency surgery

A life-threatening bacterial infection forced Brittany to rush her much loved Cali dog to Titan Veterinary in Warwick, RI for emergency surgery, at great expense.

VCF Member Cases

Penny’s Story

Southeast Veterinary Neurology to the rescue! We love to share our stories of recovery, our VCF members are saving lives from coast to coast. Read Penny’s story…

Cat survives fire in West Virginia

Three days after a fire destroyed an apartment building in Huntington, WV, one of its four-legged residents was found with significant lung damage and badly burned paws. "Ember", the miracle cat, is being cared for by Guardian Animal Medical Center in Flatwoods and is...

Saving Grace and Moses

When Grace and her family learned their beloved cat's life, Moses, was in jeopardy, they were heartbroken that their family finances were not enough to save him. But thanks to Foothill Animal Hospital's Vet Care Foundation membership and fund, they were able to get...

Charlie takes on a tractor

A labrador retriever named Charlie in Indianapolis defied all odds when he survived a spill from a tractor and nearly died. Charlie loves riding on the tractor with his owner Jessica Parson on her family's farm, but she suffered a fractured spine and a lacerated...

Tampa Bay Veterinary Emergency Center to the rescue

While animal abuse happens all around us, it's heartbreaking to see it in our own backyards. The story of Cabela is one of those. Tampa Police Officers responded to a call on March 4th from a citizen who heard shots and the distressed cries of a dog nearby. Officers...
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