Lily the Goldendoodle

Lily is an en energetic and sweet 18 month old Golden Labradoodle who developed a severe case of mastitis after giving birth to an unplanned litter of puppies. Her human, Drew, is a young man between jobs and although he was quick to get Lily to the vet for her emergency care, he was not in a position to manage the growing clinic expenses to save his golden girl, who was in excruciating pain and still trying to nurse and care for her puppies. Lily’s severe mastitis involved an abscess that required emergency surgery and extensive aftercare.

Drew reached out to Veterinary Care Foundation through our Good Samaritan Fund program page and VCF contacted Friendship Hospital For Animals to assist with funds donated through our Good Samaritan program.

Lily is now on a journey to recovery, and her puppies are growing and thriving. Soon she’ll be able to return to her motherly duties and to her loving home with Drew.

Please consider a gift to our Good Samaritan Fund and help Lily and Drew back on their feet and spending their time finding those puppies wonderful forever homes.